Sauna world

Fancy to strengthen your immune system?

Our traditional Finnish sauna awaits your with its 75 to 80 ºC air temperature, three rows of benches, and a starry sky.

Our bio-sauna is heated up to 40 to 50ºC. It is a perfect choice if you are recommended to avoid high temperatures but wish to enjoy the beneficial effects of sauna use. The therapeutic lights and herbs provided help refresh your spirits, too.

Our infrared sauna is comfortable for three persons.
It relaxes muscles more pleasantly and has a better toning effect than its traditional counterparts and cleanses the skin more spectacularly, too.

The effect of our steam cabin is similar to that of a sauna but it makes you sweat more gently. It is recommended for those enjoying high humidity. The cabin is comfortable for six persons.

If you feel brave enough, top up your sauna experience with a shower bucket of water coming down on you. Its energising effect is tremendous!

Entering the cold plunge pool is an ideal way to close a sauna experience if you are of the cautions type, and yet just as beneficial as the use of the shower bucket.

The rounded-surface pebbles of the Kneipp pool gently massage the soles of your feet and improve blood circulation.

Our salt room offers an experience of complete relaxation. Salt therapy helps everyone relax and may even alleviate respiratory problems such as asthma, the sniffles, or even snoring.