Sauna event

Sauna event


Many people know that sauna use is good for one’s health.

Those using a sauna regularly have a stronger immune system, making them more resistant to disease, and have an increased intellectual capacity to mention only a few benefits.

Spending time in the sauna refreshes and relaxes you at the same time and helps getting rid of toxins built up in your body. In order for you to make the most of sauna use, it is worth following the guidance of a subject matter expert. Our special sauna events give you an opportunity to do exactly that.

In addition to enhancing your health, a pleasant sauna experience will make you feel good both during and after. During a 15-minute sauna session, the sauna master adds water with essential oils to the hot sauna rocks to raise the heat index and increase sweating and detoxication. Playing with the hot vapour coming off the rocks, the sauna master gives you a goosebumping experience, which releases endorphins in your body and relieves stress.

Sauna event duration: 12 to 15-minute sessions

Price of a sauna event for persons not checked in at the hotel (to be paid to the sauna master): HUF 3 000 for 2 program (+normal or sauna ticket to the wellness section to be purchased at the reception desk)

Sauna ticket to the wellness section: HUF 2 000 Ft/ person (valid for 2 hours)

Maximum number of participants: 14

To participate in a sauna event, please register no later than 18:00 the day before the event.


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